HCG diet

downloadMost people have never heard of HCG diet, and that is mostly because it is a relatively new thing out there. Some claim that this diet is extremely efficient, while others claim that there are better diets out there. But, let’s just address the issue of how to lose weight by using this diet, and then you can judge the results by yourselves.

First of all, if you wish to lose some weight, you need to have a strong will and wish to do it with all of your heard. You cannot lose weight if you’re only half way into it, because diets are really hard to make through, and that is why you need to have a strong will to do this. HCG may be one of the easiest diets out there, but it still requires a strong desire to lose all of that extra fat.

Then, once you’ve finally decided on going through with this diet, you will need to purchase prescription hcg Drops, so you could start with your diet. There are numerous HCG Drops suppliers out there, but make sure you choose the ones that are certified and that are known to sell only the official HCG Drops, and not the fake ones. Do some research first and do a check up on the suppliers, and only then purchase these drops from them. You can never be too sure.

Once you’ve bought your HCG Drops, you should start taking them. It is important to note that these drops do not need to be mixed, and that they should be taken three times a day. Also, you should know that they are to be taken before the meals, not after them. You need to take the drops, and then wait for 15 minutes. They should be put under your tongue, and then you need to wait for them to kick in. This usually takes 15 minutes, as we have already mentioned.

Then comes the stage that loads fat. This is an extremely important stage, and should never be skipped. The first few days of taking these drops should include full portions of foods with high fats. These foods include eggs, dairy products, avocados, fatty fish, nuts, olive oil, etc. By doing this, you will load your fat cells, which will prepare your body for burning the fat you want to lose. It is important to note that, during this stage, you should avoid fast food and fried foods.

After these days of fat loading, you will start the diet during which you will intake about 500 calories a day. You should continue doing that for the rest of the died, except for the last three days. During these last three days, you don’t need to take any drops, and this is important to clean your system out of HCG.images

And now comes the last phase, the maintenance phase. It is important to make sure that you don’t experience a rebound effect. During this phase, you should intake 15000 calories a day for 3 weeks, in order to train your body. If you survive this, you can be sure you’ll stay fit.

Muscle building diet for men

imagesMen like to look muscular, and there’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, according to the doctors, muscular people are healthier, and of course in better shape than the non-muscular people. But, to become muscular, you have to do more than just lift weights and work out every single day, you need a muscle building diet plan for men ; you have to eat properly, or else all your hard work might be lost. But, what king of food should people eat to build their muscles? Well, we are about to show you that; just read this article, and you’ll have a clear picture of what kind of diet you should go on, and what foods you should eat.

1 – Eggs

It was previously thought that eggs are bad for people because they clog arteries and give people bad cholesterol; but a recent research has proved that eggs are completely healthy, and besides that they are one of the most important foods for muscle building.

2 – Nuts

You might not believe this, but nuts are actually great for building muscles. They contain large number of high quality calories, and are a perfect mixture of fats, proteins, and fiber. When all of that is put together, you get a food that will, in no way, make you fatter, which is great. Also, these things are great, because if you ever get a desire to eat a snack, take some nuts – they will fill your desire, plus you’ll be eating something healthy.

3 – Protein Shake

If you wish to build your muscles, you can’t do it without a protein shake, which is a corner stone of every good muscle building program. These shakes contain proteins and carbohydrates, which are great for your muscles and for your entire body too. These shakes help initiate the protein synthesis, refill muscle energy stores, increase the blood flow to the muscles, regulate the transport of creatine, etc. You can also try a safe, legal and natural steroid supplement as an alternative to anabolic substances.

4 – Cottage Cheese

This may sound funny, but cottage cheese has two components that efficiently help you build your muscles: it has a large amount of casein in it, which is a protein that helps with the slow digestion of dairy; and it also has some live cultures that are good bacteria, which help your body with the absorption of the nutrients you need, in order to become stronger.

5 – Chickpeas

Some people have trouble with becoming bigger and stronger, and the most frequent advice they get about fixing that is: replace all the rice and grain in your diet with chickpeas. They contain some slow acting carbs, which makes then an ideal food for muscle building.550px-Build-Muscle-Step-1

6 – Lean Beef

This is nothing new, and men who wish to build their muscles have been eating lean beef for centuries. And there is a good reason for that. You see, beef is full of various items that help muscle building, such as proteins, amino acids, creatine, vitamin B, etc. Besides that, beef also has saturated fat, which helps with supporting the testosterone level. Also, it is worthy to mention that a recent research has conducted that those people who eat more red meat, have smaller chances of succumbing to anxiety or stress.

What Are The Benefits of African Mango For Fat Loss?

In this day and age people are looking new and inventive ways to lose weight, and to do it with as little physical activity as possible. Some people from the Western world buy new and expensive drugs, while others get food supplements that are supposed to make you lose your weight. On the other hand, people from Africa have known how to topple this issue for centuries. And what is their answer? Their answer is African Mango.

African Mango is a fruit that grows in the jungles of Cameroon. It was used by the locals for centuries, and especially during those years when the crops were not that great. But, why would they do that and how could a fruit replace a crop? Well, just read this article to the end, and all your questions will be answered.

In recent years the scientists have discovered something that the Cameroonians have known for hundreds of years: this fruit can fight the obesity. african mango benefitsHowever, the scientists have figured out that it’s not the fruit that fights it but the seeds of it. They contain healthy fats and fiber that are essential for any human being’s diet, and that is exactly why the people of Cameroon have been using it when their crops fail.

But, if it makes you full, how does it help us lose weight? Well, it was discovered that this seed has the ability to lower the bad cholesterol in our bodies. That lead to the improvement of the hormone adiponenctin, and that in turn leads to the rise of the level of insulin in our bodies. Due to this fact, our bodies can use more fat while it’s being energetic. That means that the fat will melt away, and we will experience weight loss. And the good this about this weight loss is the fact that the muscle mass stays untouched, which means that this fruit will not let our body lower our muscle mass, only our fat, which is great.

And this is exactly what makes this fruit much better than all the other drugs or supplements that are believed to burn your fat. Besides the fat, they also burn your muscle mass, which may leave you weak. Also, this fruit does not contain caffeine, which is a frequent ingredient of those drugs and supplements. It burns fat, but it also makes you nervous, anxious and jittery, and with this fruit, you don’t need to worry about that. For further info on the core benefits of African Mango visit: http://mangoafricano.co/

This fruit also releases leptin, a hormone that can suppress our appetite. That means that this fruit will make us full, will dull out our need for excessive eating, and do all that while burning our fat. Amazing, right? And besides all that, there is at least one better thing about this fruit – the fact that it lowers the cholesterol level in our body. That means that eating this fruit will be beneficial to your body, your health, and what is most important – it will be beneficial to your heart.

supplements bodybuilding

Best Supplements For Bodybuilding

Obviously, supplements aren’t meant to be your only source of nutrients. The thing is that because they fill the nutritional gaps you can call them helpers. These gaps occur when you aren’t getting sufficient nutrients from your diet to persuade your body to produce more muscles. In this article we will show you some of the recognised supplements which are easily available in the market:

  1. Whey protein powder

If you want to build lean, big muscles, lose body fat and improve your performance whey protein powder is almost always a requirement. Whey protein is an necessary part of your muscle building armoury. It is easily absorbed and digested by the body.supplements bodybuilding

  1. Casein protein

The twin brother of whey is casein. Casein is the other type of protein found in milk. Your body digests casein slower compared to whey. By taking casein before you go the bed, it prevents catabolism, and protects your hard-earned muscles from being transformed to body fuel.

  1. Creatine

In the field of sports supplementation creatine is one of the most important recent discoveries. Creatine raises the amount of energy supplied to your muscles and in that way you can lift heavier weights and you can do more repetitions. If you are interested in using a supplement that contain creatine, then check out Crazy Bulk’s range of legal steroids. They feature a product range that includes several safe and alternative options to anabolic steroids. You can read a full crazy bulk review online that gives detailed information on ingredients, side effects and testimonials.

  1. Branched-Chain Amino Acids

Valine, leucine and isoleucine, all together called as branched-chain amino acids and they are the most vital amino acids for building and repairing muscle tissue.

  1. Glutamine

The most abundant amino acid in your body is glutamine. In muscle fibers glutamine increases the amount of leucine and reduces muscle breakdown. Also, it has been proven to boost the immune system.

Extra tip:

You should get lean

Maybe you think that this disagrees with your goal of getting bigger, but this is a necessary part in order to achieve your dream body. In order to build muscle mass you’ve been eating and lifting heavily for the period of the first 2 months of your program, and now getting lean is the next phase of your training. Maybe you also have noticed some fat around your torso, legs and arms together with bigger muscles. During your mass gaining period these deposits may have appeared because you had to eat insane amounts of food in order to grow bigger. Now, the thing is that you need to trim so you can show off those hard, big muscles that you have worked so hard for. Let’s show you some tips:

You can do aerobic exercises such as walking or running during your rest days. By doing aerobic exercise is kind of the best way to lose fat. But remember – do not do your cardio for the duration of weight training days or you could burn muscles as well.


It will take time to build muscles that look good. You should anticipate gaining only five to ten pounds of muscle yearly even when you are doing everything right. You are absolutely going to gain good and long lasting muscles in shortest period of time if you follow our suggestions mentioned above.

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Why high intensity interval training is best for weight loss

High intensity interval training is a type of workout that involves interchange between intense activity and periods of less intense activity or rest. For instance a one minute sprint followed by a two minute walk repeated for about five times. Many scientific studies are confirming that this type of training is the best for weight loss. There are a number of reasons why high intensity interval training is best for weight loss and they include the following.

Burning fat

Shorter high intensity workout sessions translate to greater loss of fat over time than longer low intensity workouts. A few factors resulting from high intense interval training that translate to fat loss have been isolated to backup this theory and they include:

  • There is an increase in the rate of fat oxidation in the muscles after the workout. • Appetite after the workout is reduced. • Catecholamine and growth hormone levels which induce fat mobilization and help in loss of fat respectively significantly increase after the workout. • Insulin sensitivity in the muscles is improved after the training. • The resting metabolic rate is increased for up to 24 hours after the workout.


It is ideal if you have a busy schedule and have only a few minutes for working out. Studies have shown that within a given period of time, you can get better results from high intensity interval training than from endurance training.

Healthier Heart

The training gets your heart rate up fast pushing it into the anaerobic zone where it beats faster and harder. As you lose weight, you get a healthier heart and this is why high intensity interval training is best for weight loss.

Muscle preservation

Research shows that longer workout sessions impair strength and hypertrophy thus only high intensity interval training can allow you to preserve muscle while still deriving its benefits of weight loss.

Increased production of Human growth hormone

High intensity interval training stimulates human growth hormone production for up to 24 hours after the work out buy about 450 percent. This hormone is responsible both for increasing the rate of metabolism and slowing down aging.

No special equipment is necessary

Cycling, Sprinting, rowing and jump roping for relatively shorts sessions do not need any special equipment to be effective in weight loss. Using some equipment actually makes the workout less effective.

You can do it anywhere

This form of training can be adapted to any space constrains you might have and still produce effective weight loss.


Top Five Foods to Support Healthy Weight Loss

With summer right around the corner, weight loss is heavy on many of our minds. With all the gimmicks out there it is hard to determine what foods you really should be eating to support healthy weight loss. Read further for an analysis of what foods you should start eating now to achieve your dream weight!

1. Yogurt Yogurt provides you with a healthy amount of carbohydrates, protein, and fat and helps keep you full by maintaining your level of blood sugar. Yogurt is also a good source of calcium and probiotics. Be cautious though of added sugars when selecting yogurt.The healthiest option is usually plain yogurt. Add your own fruit and honey or agave to sweeten. You can also try substituting plain yogurt for mayonnaise in recipes and save even more calories.

2. Apples Apples make for a wonderful, nutritious snack that can help stave away cravings. They are packed with fiber which helps keep you full and maintain your blood sugar. Women should eat about 25 grams of fiber a day and men 35-40 grams. Apples are a great way to make sure that you are eating enough of this key nutrient. Try a sliced apple with a some peanut butter for a healthy snack.

3. Oats There is a reason why mom always encouraged you to eat your oats as a kid! Oats are digested by our bodies slowly which allows for a constant release of energy throughout the day;. This ensures that you won’t crash and snack! Try soaking oats overnight with some milk and eating the next morning with fresh berries.

4. Eggs Eggs historically have gotten a bad rap due to the high cholesterol that they contain. However, new evidence has shown that they do not negatively affect cholesterol or contribute to heart attacks. Eggs have a high protein payout with little calories and are a good source of vitamin E. Try adding hard boiled eggs to your lunch time salad.

5. Salmon Not only is salmon packed with protein, it also contains a high amount of omega-3 fatty acids, which help to improve insulin resistance. Asa result you will build muscle and cut belly fat more easily. As well, the more muscle you have the more calories your body will burn. Grill salmon on a bed of lemons for a perfect summer time dinner! Through incorporating these foods in your diet and exercising regularly you will be well on your way to losing or maintaining your ideal weight!